As someone who often works with a bunch of software engineers, this book was a lot of fun to read. We tried to apply it on my team at work and it wasn't really the right fit for us, but I still think there are a lot of take aways for anyone to use. For... Continue Reading →

Smarter Faster Better

Ideas are great, but unless they are interpreted in a way that is easy to understand, they can often fall flat. That never happens with Charles Duhigg's writing. The book is broken into several different chapters where he dives into what true productivity means in various facets of your life; motivation, goal setting, decision making,... Continue Reading →

The 80/20 Rule

Otherwise known as the Pareto Principle, I had heard enough about this idea over the years and finally decided I needed to read the book. Obviously the idea wasn't invented by Richard Kock, Vilfred Pareto was an Italian economist in the 1890s, but this is the first book on the subject. The 80/20 rule itself... Continue Reading →

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done by David Allen is one of those classic productivity books that even if you don’t implement you should probably read. I first read this about 10 years ago and it dramatically changed my organizational skills for the better. I was really great about inbox zero for many years and then the skill... Continue Reading →

Ready for Anything

I decided to keep on the David Allen kick and jumped into another of his books titled Ready for Anything. This book is much different that Getting Things Done. This one is essentially just a collection of thoughts Allen has published over the years, organized into different categories. Though I simply read it all the... Continue Reading →

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