Start With Why

A lot of people have read this book. A lot of people have liked this book. And if you are getting into learning about leadership, this book by Simon Sinek isn’t a bad place to start. The mass popularity comes from the fact that it has a relatively simple and straight forward message, the best companies and the best leaders always organize their efforts around a powerful why. From there they build a how and finally a what.

Sinek gained a great deal of popularity from his TED talk about the same premise. If you want to get to the punch line a bit faster, you can probably listen to the talk and get about 80 percent of the message and lessons from the book.

Favorite Ideas

Because they can easily be confused, Sinek defines the difference between Manipulation and Inspiration. Manipulation rely on fear and dreams. Inspiration aligns with an individuals true belief about themselves.

The limbic system, the deepest and most hard wired part of your brain, doesn’t know language. It is the source of feelings and emotions but can’t express those emotions without the neocortex. This is why a simple why can be so powerful without a lot of words. If you strike the right cord of emotion you are activating a much deeper part of the brain than what would be possible with rational explanation.

Favorite Quote

“Leaders don’t come up with great ideas, they create space for great ideas.”

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