Heroic Leadership

I honestly don’t remember where I found a recommendation for this book because leadership lessons from the founders of the Jesuits doesn’t seem like something that would commonly come across be desk but I am glad this did. There were a few parts I skipped over where it went deeply into some side bar histories of particular individuals but if you are history buff, you are in luck because this is essentially two books in one from that point of view.

My overall take away from Lowney’s account is that a critical component of leadership is constant self-inspection. You must setup rituals that force you to constantly examine you principles for leading and living so you can always improve.

Favorite Ideas

Anchor yourself with principles and values so you have the freedom to act quickly. If you have to figure out what matters to you each time you enter a situation, you wont be able to move as fast.

Defining moments rarely exist, it is about consistent action throughout life.

Favorite Quotes

“Heros extract gold from opportunities rather than waiting for golden opportunities.”

“You cannot motivate someone to do a good job unless they have a good job to do.”

Other Notes

Four Pillars of Success

  • Self-awareness: know your strengths, weaknesses, values and goals
  • Ingenuity: always innovate and adapt
  • Love: keep a positive loving attitude
  • Heroism: go after huge goals

A Leaders Duties

  • Establish a vision
  • Align people to that vision
  • Motivate and inspire to overcome barriers
  • Produce change

Important Self Reflection Questions

  • What do I care about?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I fit into the world?

Reflect Daily On:

  • Appriciate your talents
  • Identify personal baggage that holds you back
  • Articulate your goals and ambitions
  • Determine the impact you want to make
  • Develop a world view to guide your interaction with others

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