Extreme Ownership

No two ways about it, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are beasts. If you have ever seen a talk by Jocko you know exactly what I am talking about. If you have never heard of them than you just need to know one word, SEALs. This book outlines many of the leadership principles they learned from their time in the Navy SEALs, what worked, what didn’t, and what you need to do to embody what they call extreme ownership.

Favorite Ideas

Whatever you say, your standard is what you tolerate. Set standards and then hold people to them.

There are no bad teams only bad leaders. I know that gets said a lot but tThere are some great examples of this in the book from SEAL training.

Whenever something goes wrong, always start by asking what you need to do differently. Essentially, everything is ultimately your fault so embrace that.

Favorite Quotes

“If you are down in the weeds planning details with your guys, you will have the same perspective as them.”

Other Notes

How to Prioritize and Execute

  • Evaluate the highest priority
  • Lay out in clear terms the highest priority
  • Develop a solution
  • Direct the execution
  • Move to the next priority and repeat

3 Factors to leading up and down the chain of command

  • Take responsibility for leading everyone
  • If someone isn’t doing what you want, look in the mirror first
  • Don’t ask what you should do, tell

Dichotomies of Leadership

  • Confident not cocky
  • Competitive but gracious
  • Humble not passive
  • Quiet not silent
  • “A good leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove.”

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