Losing My Virginity

This is the first book in my pass at reading the entire Virgin series by Richard Branson. Essentially that just means reading every book he has written. Losing My Virginity is essentially just an autobiography which means it is a lot different from most of the books I have read recently. However, after seeing a... Continue Reading →

Friend of a Friend

I found this book while listening to the Jordan Harbinger Show's interview with the author David Burkus. I had already started reading Never Eat Alone and knew I wanted to start a series of books on networking so this sounded like a great next read. The pitch from the interview was this book was about... Continue Reading →

Positivity Wins!

If you want a complete run through of Gary Vaynerchuk's thesis, this is a great podcast to start with. However, the thing that grabbed me this time was once again a quote near the end of the speech during the Q&A. I don't understand the ROI of fear, dwelling or complaining."  

Never Eat Alone

I have had the great privilege to meet the author of this book on several occasions and haven gone to a couple of the famous dinners referenced in the book. Those interactions are the reason I decided to pick-up Never Eat Alone. I have never been the best at relationships and I know it hurts... Continue Reading →

Startup – Alex Talks Equity

In the very beginning of my journey out of the Air Force, back when I was just starting to think about leaving active duty, the Startup podcast began. If you have never listened to the show, or you have started listening in the subsequent seasons, I highly recommend listening to the first season of the... Continue Reading →

"Persistence matters more than talent. The student with straight As is irrelevant if the student sitting next to him with Bs has more passion." -Andrew Ross Sorkin


As someone who often works with a bunch of software engineers, this book was a lot of fun to read. We tried to apply it on my team at work and it wasn't really the right fit for us, but I still think there are a lot of take aways for anyone to use. For... Continue Reading →

"You always do the best you can in the moment. Then it either connects or it doesn't." -Ben Stiller

The Advantage

Read this book! Read this book! Read this book! Ok, I said it. This follow-up to Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team, is a great distillation of a ton of best practices for fostering organizational health. It is certainly directed at people at the top of organizations and it is possible to misapply some of... Continue Reading →

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